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Healthcare Insurance Plans for Healthy People



HI4HP didn’t set out to change the world – Just Healthcare coverage. Someone had to fix the country’s broken, antiquated system before monthly premiums exceeded the cost of care. And, like they saying goes, “You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.”  So welcome. Welcome to HI4HP – The best way for healthy people to get the coverage they need and nothing more – except exceptional, ongoing service and lower rates.

Healthcare Coverage

Determining the optimal coverage, at the best price, is why we exist – And that’s just one of the ways we are reinventing healthcare for individuals, families and groups.

Dental Coverage

We give you something to smile about by researching dental plans based on the specific needs for each individual, family or small businesses.

Vision Coverage

Our advisors will help you see clearly by providing plan options that meet your needs while saving individuals, families and small businesses from escalating costs.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive plans ensure individuals, families and small businesses get the best value from every dollar allocated to healthcare. And getting started is easy. Simply complete the brief form; then click submit. Our advisors will get to work immediately; all without cost or obligation. Plus there’s never any hidden fees or surprises buried in fine print.

Providing Affordable Coverage Coast-to-Coast

we are your personal healthcare advisor

HI4HP is an independent service provider that is not tied to any insurance companies. That would defeat our reason for existence. Our loyalty is to our customers. Period.  While we work with most carriers, we are not obligated in any way to recommend one provider over another. In fact, we will present you with a number of options based on your specific needs.

our process is easy. simply provide us with a little information so we can begin researching coverage options that meet your insurance needs and your budget. 

A quick note about privacy

IQuoteDirect.com is one of the top online insurance marketplaces that connects consumers with multiple insurance companies and local agents across the United States. We are not an insurance company or agency and we are not directly affiliated with any particular insurance company. If you do not receive a quote from a specific company you were searching for, we recommend contacting that company directly so you can compare the quotes you receive from us with one from them. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners To learn more, please contact us (203) 993-6407 or at privacy@iquotedirect.com. More about privacy…


We’ve removed the mounds of paperwork and the interrogation-type questioning that seems to be the industry norm. Our process is quick and easy. Plus, we give you choices because you are our top priority. Choices include coverage options, preferred method of communications (phone or email), scheduling, and follow-up time frames. You even have the choice when it comes to learning more or obtaining a quote. You can contact us directly or complete the brief, (and we do mean brief) questionnaire online. While we don’t need your life’s history, we do need a bit of information to determine the optimal coverage options based on your specific needs. Remember… you are our top priority.

1. You Complete a Super-Brief Form

Provide your contact information, date of birth, zip code and coverage type (individual or family).

2. We Jump into Research Mode

We immediately begin evaluating options that are directly aligned with your specific needs. Our research team diligently reviews your needs, insurance carriers, policies, premiums and every related nuance that is sometimes limited to fine-print. Remember… you are our top priority.

3. We Present the Plans Best Suited for You

We review each recommended plan with you and discuss the advantages one plan has over another. We do our best to limit industry jargon so the you clearly understand our findings and recommendations.

4. Defining the Appropriate Actions

After reviewing all of the above we determine the appropriate action items. If you tell us to “take a hike,” then we start lacing up our boots – because our research and knowledge is offered to you without cost or obligation. Conversely, we work together to put your new policy into effect. We help with transitioning because the best approach may require reviewing a number of variables such as expiration dates of existing policies, refunds, etc. Regardless, we’re with you the entire time (assuming we’re not on a hike) doing what we do… Changing the Healthcare Insurance industry one person at a time.

healthcare insurance reinvented

They Walk the Walk

“Healthcare Insurance for Healthy People did exactly what they said. They actually reduced my premiums, increased my coverage, and reduced my yearly Total-Out-Of-Pocket expense. They were knowledgeable, response and delivered on every commitment. They actually cared. Amazing!”

Mariam D.
Atlanta, GA

We reduce our client’s premiums by as much as 40% while finding better coverage plans

HI4HP believes in total transparency. While we are proud of the added benefis and savings we provide our customers, it is important to understand that we don’t cover everyone. We focus on extending coverage to responsible individuals that take care of themselves. Having ailments and pre-existing conditions does not necessarily mean you can’t get better coverage at reduced rates, However, getting better coverage and lower premiums makes us keep a keen eye on our entire client base. 

We simply don’t feel healthy people should pay the same premiums as individuals that are likely to require more care. It’s a simple model that rewards individuals for maintaining their health while providing incentives for others to their health a little further up on their priority list. 



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